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Quality Framework  for the  Healthy Workers Initiative

Skills and qualifications required to implement

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The healthy lifestyle program documentation should include a description of and justification for the type and level of skill and/or qualifications required in order to deliver the specified program. This may be the requirement to hold certain nationally recognised qualifications such as a First Aid Certificate or Certificate 3 in Fitness, a professional background such as a dietitian, registered nurse, a minimum number of years’ experience, or simply the attendance at a specific training course.

Wherever possible and relevant, any specifications for skills and qualifications should be:

  • linked to nationally recognised qualification or units of competency such as the Australian Qualifications Framework
  • determined by taking into account the safety, quality and access requirements of the program
  • not higher than can be reasonably justified as relevant for the program — for example, not specifying a university qualification if the program can be appropriately delivered by an instructor with a certificate-level qualification.

When setting qualification and skill levels consideration should be given to the availability of such people in rural and regional areas. Consideration may also be given as to how the program can be appropriately supported in the absence of such qualifications. For example through a train the trainer approach or web/telephone coaching/mentoring of a local provider.

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Published date: July 2012