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Quality Framework  for the  Healthy Workers Initiative

Becoming Registered

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Program developers and providers should use the Program Registration criteria to ensure their healthy lifestyle program is comprehensively described.

Those who want to have their program/s registered and listed on the HWI web portal must:

  • review the Program Registration criteria
  • complete the online self assessment, indicating where evidence for each criterion can be found in the program documentation (e.g., page numbers, sections, etc)
  • submit the self assessment form, along with a detailed program outline and resource material relevant to the program, to the Registration Body.

The Registration Body will then:
  • formally assess applications using an expert group
  • communicate with the applicant as required
  • list registered programs on the HWI web portal.

If program developers are involved in delivering the program (or other relevant services) and would also like to be registered as a Healthy Lifestyle Program Provider, they should complete the Healthy Lifestyle Program Registration as well.

Program developers who train and license/accredit others to deliver programs on their behalf may also need to register as a Healthy Lifestyle Program Providers, depending on the nature of the licence/agreement.

Further clarification can be obtained by contacting the Registration Body.

Service providers are encouraged to use these guidelines to supplement the criteria under Appropriateness and Effectiveness.

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Published date: July 2012