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Healthy Workers Initiative

Quality Framework  for the  Healthy Workers Initiative

The program is consistent with national guidelines

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All programs must be consistent with national guidelines for adult physical activity, healthy eating, healthy weight and obesity prevention, smoking cessation and alcohol reduction guidelines (where available and where applicable).

The healthy lifestyle program documentation must make specific reference to relevant guidelines as appropriate. Any deviation must be noted and justified for consideration by the Registration Body.

The following websites outline some useful resources:

Physical Activity Guidelines:

National guidelines for adult physical activity

Physical Activity Recommendations for Older Australians (Recommendations and Discussion Document)

Healthy Eating Guidelines

NHMRC Dietary Guidelines for Australian Adults

Australian Guide to Healthy Eating: Background Information for Nutrition Educators$File/fdeduc.pdf

Australian Guide to Healthy Eating: Background Information for Consumers$File/fd-cons.pdf

Healthy Weight Guidelines

Healthy Weight for Adults and Older Australians$File/healthy_weight06_10.pdf

Alcohol Guidelines

Alcohol guidelines: reducing the risk

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Published date: July 2012