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Quality Framework  for the  Healthy Workers Initiative

Goal setting

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The healthy lifestyle program documentation should include a description of the way goals are set for the program and how participants are consulted during this process.

Goal setting is the process of identifying what an individual wants. Understanding and setting goals enables:

  • clear understanding of the target/s to be reached or outcomes to be achieved
  • a sense of direction and purpose for both the program provider and the participants
  • identification of the steps required to reach the desired outcome or target
  • the inspiration to achieve goals and reach performance expectations.

The program may have overarching goals applicable to all participants or there may be a defined process whereby goals are set by and for individuals. The program outline should include how these goals will be assessed. The goals will ideally be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-limited (SMART).

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Published date: July 2012