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Quality Framework  for the  Healthy Workers Initiative

Exercise intensity (if applicable)

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If the healthy lifestyle program contains a physical activity component, a description of the exercise intensity of the program is sought in the program documentation. The combination of heart rate, breathing, temperature and perspiration provides a measure of the level of exercise intensity and an indication of how hard the body will be working during physical activity.

It is important that the program documentation demonstrates an understanding and awareness of the relevance of intensity of exercise in a program in order to:

  • help to determine if a person has an appropriate level of existing fitness to participate in a program taking into account medical conditions, medications, etc. This allows potential risks to be identified and strategies to be employed to reduce the risk prior to program participation
  • provide guidance to ensure that a person exercises at the right intensity to achieve the desired health benefit
  • identify the skills, knowledge and fitness level requirements of the workforce needed to deliver the program.

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Published date: July 2012