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Program Registration criteria

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Explanation of each criteria is provided following the checklist.
Program Registration CriteriaEvidence provided?Description of evidence provided or justification for why a criterion is not applicable.

Indicate where evidence for each criterion can be found in the program outline or attached documents (e.g., page numbers, sections, etc)

The program adequately describes:
      Scope and target
      Skills and qualifications required to implement
      Duration (including frequency)
      Goal setting
      Monitoring outcomes
      Exercise intensity (if applicable)
      Risk screening / assessment requirements
      Risk management
      Communication and marketing messages
The program is consistent with the national guidelines for adult physical activity, healthy eating, healthy weight and obesity prevention, smoking cessation and alcohol reduction (where available and applicable).
The program is underpinned by appropriate evidence.
The program has been developed with appropriate multidisciplinary / specialist input.
The program has been tested with its target group and adjusted accordingly.
The program allows sufficient flexibility to take account of differences in target populations, geographical and workplace settings, resources, and employee values and preferences whilst maintaining program goals.
There is adequate and appropriate support material for quality implementation.
An appropriate approach to program evaluation is described.
A review mechanism / timeframe for the program is specified.

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Published date: July 2012