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Quality Framework  for the  Healthy Workers Initiative

The Healthy Lifestyle Program Provider Registration Framework

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The Framework is based on four essential domains:

  • risk and safety
  • effectiveness and appropriateness
  • consumer and community engagement
  • access and equity.

Quality service provision is then underpinned by the elements of
  • workforce
  • organisational capacity
  • information management
  • continuous improvement.

The remainder of this document provides information intended to increase understanding and practical application of each of these domains.


Each of the domains include:

  • a brief description of the intent of the standard and rationale
  • an explanation of why and how a provider can implement and apply the criterion; along with useful resources and examples
  • details of the evidence that providers will be required to demonstrate to meet the standard.


A range of hyperlinked resources are referenced in this document. These resources are only provided as examples and learning resources.

Providers that have existing processes in place to meet criteria do not need to use any of the resources.

Providers that are developing quality systems may find the resources useful as a starting point — they are welcome also to use other resources that are relevant to their service.

Note: The resources, products and associated organisations listed in this document have not been explicitly endorsed.


A description of the types of evidence an applicant should provide for each criterion is described in this Guide. Applicants will need to decide that the evidence they have is a relevant demonstration of effort and outcome against that criterion. The minimum mandatory evidence that must be submitted with self assessment has been shaded in this colour. Additional evidence can also be provided.

In some cases, one document may provide evidence against several performance criteria, such as your business plan. Where this is the case the evidence should be referenced accordingly in the On-line Self Assessment for Healthy Lifestyle Program Provider Registration template.

Providers seeking registration may be contacted by the Registration Body to clarify information and/ or the evidence that is submitted.

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Published date: July 2012