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Quality Framework  for the  Healthy Workers Initiative

Gaining Registration

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The Healthy Lifestyle Program Provider Registration process has been designed to promote continuous quality improvement. Providers who demonstrate that they meet the performance criteria will obtain registration. Providers that do not meet the performance criteria will receive support from the Registration Body to enable them to plan the necessary improvements to be eligible for registration.

This Framework is aimed at sole, small, medium and larger providers. Even though the term organisation is used in some of the quality standards, this includes sole providers. The level of evidence required by providers will be applicable to the size and scope of each business.

The process for Registration is as follows:

  • make an application to the Registration Body and gain user name and password to the on-line submission section
  • complete self assessment
  • complete on-line submission
  • submit self assessment and evidence
  • Registration Body reviews submission and makes determination
  • Registration Body contacts you if further clarification or evidence is required
  • Registration Body advises you of the outcome
  • If successful Registration Certificate is sent and your service is listed on the web portal
  • If unsuccessful the Registration Body will work with you to rectify areas in need of improvement
  • Registration is current for 2 years.

If you have other accreditation or registration processes for your service contact the Registration Body. You will then only need to address the criteria that are not covered by the other process.

To ensure a robust system, site audits will be conducted on 10% of providers applying for registration. If you are selected for a site audit you will be contacted by the Registration Body and provided with information on the process. The site audits will be planned and will not occur without prior notice.

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Published date: July 2012