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Form a Team

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The benefit of using teams in quality improvement has been well established3. A team approach will ensure one person doesn’t carry the entire burden of quality improvement; and can bring a variety of perspectives and ideas from across all levels and areas of your organisation. .

Teams should wherever possible comprise a cross section of staff from different professional backgrounds and roles. The exact size and composition of the team will be determined by the size and composition of the organisation. Ideally 3–5 members should be selected from across the organisation, including relevant healthy living programs. Members should include the CEO/manager, administrative manager and program delivery staff.

For sole service providers and small operators forming a team like this is not an option. However such operators may consider the option of engaging external support such as partners and clients to form a team.

3 Scholtes PR, Mann D 1988. The Team Handbook: How to Use Teams to Improve Quality Madison, Wisconsin, USA: Joiner Associates; 1988

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Published date: July 2012