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Make a Commitment

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Pursuing improvements in any organisation requires a commitment. In embarking on a commitment to become registered each provider will need to consider:

What benefits are you seeking?

These benefits might include assuring yourselves, funders and clients of quality; identifying areas in need of improvement; external recognition that your organisation meets industry agreed standards, and/or increased potential for additional funding streams.

What resources will be required?

The extent to which any service pursues improvement will be governed by two elements — the extent of improvement required and the available resources required to achieve that improvement. For many organisations the most significant resource investment will be that of staff time. For some organisations, investment in improvements to equipment and facilities may also be required. The need for investment should not deter a commitment to improvement. It may mean that the level of improvement may need to be phased over time to match the level of resource available.

How committed to the process of registration is your organisation?

For larger organisations it will be important to ensure there is management commitment to this process. Individuals within an organisation are rarely successful pursuing quality initiatives on their own. There may be other organisational issues to be considered — for example, how does becoming registered through this process fit in with the business plan, what other accreditation options exist and how can they be aligned?

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Published date: July 2012