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Quality Framework  for the  Healthy Workers Initiative

Understanding the Context

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No two workplaces are the same. Understanding the specific context and aims of each workplace is an important part of the healthy workplace jigsaw. There is no one approach. Each workplace needs to determine their:

Need – Successful approaches are those that are matched to what each specific workplace needs, what the staff need, and what is relevant, appropriate and acceptable to that workplace. The assessment of need should take into account both individual healthy lifestyle profile and environmental considerations.

Aims – Aims need to be specific, measurable and time limited. Knowing the need will assist in developing relevant aims. Aims allow what can be diverse needs to be refined into priorities and specific focus areas.

Workplace culture – A supportive workplace culture will help participants of workplace health programs achieve more and sustain those achievements. Understanding workplace culture will assist in tailoring the program appropriately.

Resource availability – Resources can include staff time, freely available health promotion material, local community organisations, physical facilities, private providers, dedicated workplace units. Knowing the market place and what resources are available and the level of resource available internally will assist in planning an appropriate approach.

Key Elements:

  • Need
  • Aims
  • Workplace culture
  • Resource availability 

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Published date: July 2012