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Quality Framework  for the  Healthy Workers Initiative

Checklist for Workplaces

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Understanding context

CriteriaMeetsPartially meetsDoes not meetComments
Has the need been assess and articulated?
Have the aims for the healthy workplace and program been defined?
Has the workplace culture to support a healthier workplace been assessed?
Have resources been identified that can support the program?

Engagement and Collaboration

CriteriaMeetsPartially meetsDoes not meetComments
Has the program intent, benefits and approach been promoted with managers, employees and health and safety representative?
Is there a communication plan?
Have champions been identified and co-opted to support the program?
Is the program design and implementation approach respectful of the different views and needs across the workplace?


CriteriaMeetsPartially meetsDoes not meetComments
Is leadership for the program visible?
Is there an espoused policy or philosophy to support the program?
Have resources been allocated to support the program?
Are there actionable steps with assigned responsibility?

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Published date: July 2012