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How to Plan and Deliver a Workplace Health Program

Choose one or more health issues that you would like to include in your program

Simple approach:

  • Use a regular staff or team meeting to identify some health issues that you could address
  • Ask staff to prioritise the most important issue as a starting point

Detailed approach:

  • Create a list of health issues to target from those that have been identified in your assessment step.
  • Involve both management and employees (from all levels of your workplace) in identifying priority health issues through meetings, emails or suggestion boxes

Plan and Deliver your program

Managing a program can be a very simple process. There are some key steps to keep in mind when planning and delivering a program.

Simple approach:

  • Create a ‘to-do’ list and ask for feedback from staff at a meeting or via email
  • Allocate activities or tasks to individuals or small groups and ensure they are given dedicated work time and support to undertake them

Detailed approach:

Once priorities are established, develop an action plan for your workplace that includes both longer and short term plans.
Your action plan should include:
  • goals that state the overall desired outcome for the workplace
  • objectives that state what should be done to achieve the goals
  • how, when and where will the program will operate
  • what activities the program will undertake
  • how risks will be assessed and managed
  • who will be responsible for the various aspects of the program
  • what resources are available, both in-house resources and external resources, including possible government assistance
  • ideas for how the program can be marketed and promoted amongst employees
  • considerations for longer term sustainability
  • what indicators you will use to measure the success of your program

Workplace Health Program Tools

These resources will help you plan and deliver a workplace health program suitable to your workplace. The resources below are suitable to be used in any state or territory.

Healthy workplace guides

Developing a healthy workplace policy