Department of Health

Healthy Workers Initiative

National Healthy Workers Portal

Most Australian adults spend around half their waking hours at work. The workplace is therefore an important setting for promoting and supporting good health across the population.

A healthy workplace can increase productivity, reduce sick leave and absenteeism, improve staff morale and motivation and improve workplace relationships.

This web site is designed for employers and includes a range of information and resources to assist with making workplaces healthier by encouraging employees to Eat Well, Move More, maintain a Healthy Weight, be Smoke-free and reduce consumption of Alcohol.

The web site includes information and helpful tools on each of the five health issues above. The site also includes resources to assist employers to create and tailor their own healthy workplace program; covering planning, delivering and continuous improvement. The site includes information on health issues in specific industries and case studies where some Australian organisations share their experiences with delivering healthy living programs in their workplaces. You can also find resources developed by individual Australian states and territories.

By making healthy choices the easy choices in your workplace, you can improve the health and productivity of your employees.